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This website is built according to the principles of accessible webpage design. The main content of the website is divided into four major blocks: 1. The upper functional block, 2. The central content block, and 3. The relevant information block below.

The shortcut key "Accesskey" of this website is set as follows: "(If you use FireFox to browse this website, the shortcut key operation method is Shift key + the following shortcut key settings.)

  • Alt+U:The functional blocks above, including home page, website navigation, website search, advanced search, and website main menu.
  • Alt+C:The central content area, the main content area of this website.
  • Alt+B:The relevant information block below shows the website production team.
  • Alt+S:website search.

※When the item tabs of this website cannot be clicked with the mouse, you can use the following keyboard operations to browse the information

  • ← → or ↑↓:Press the left and right keys or the up and down keys to move the label sequence.