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About NLPI

The National Library of Public Information was founded in 1923 and is one of the earliest public libraries in Taiwan. After being known has Taichung Prefecture Library, Taiwan Provincial Taichung Library, and National Taichung Library, its new main library was activated on June 3, 2012 and renamed “National Library of Public Information” on January 1, 2013. With citizens of the whole nation as its service targets, it bears the responsibility of instructing public libraries of all levels throughout the country and is the first national-level digitalized public library. The main library is located at Wuqian S. Road, Taichung City South District and has three branch libraries of Liming, Jingwu and Zhongxing. The main library has five stories above ground and two stories underground with the total floor area of 41,797 m2. Besides acquiring, sorting and collecting various physical books & materials and digital resources for citizens to read and conduct lifelong learning, it also provides age and target group segmented services by combining physical and virtual service spaces with brand new reading models, unique exploration routes, versatile recreational functions, and a comfortable environment for lifelong learning. It is a venue for reading books, information inquiry, digital services, exhibitions, speeches and training. It also has purchased the shared digital resource of nationwide public libraries and expect to become a library with the substance of REAL (Reading, Exploring, recreAtion & Learning), the digital resource cloud center for national public libraries, and a digital public library that combines physical and virtual services.